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Twice per week, 30 minute sessions structured around introductory training in the four Track & Field event specialties. Coaching focuses on physical activity and fitness, discipline and structure, and of course FUN!


3-4 days per week, 90 minute sessions structured around functional strength, explosive strength, and technical development in chosen event specialties. Training is designed throughout the year to ensure athletes are prepared for top performance during the Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field seasons as well as their middle and high school Track & Field teams!

Twice per week, 40 minute sessions structured around continued training in the four Track & Field event specialties. Age-appropriate technical coaching is introduced at this level while still retaining a focus on discipline, structure, and FUN!


Do you have a specific competition or athletic showcase that you are preparing for? Or would you simply like a focused and completely individualized training experience for you or your child? We are available for a completely private coaching experience!


Three days per week, 45 minute sessions structured around technical development in promising event specialties. Athletes will receive technical development and training rigor to prepare them to hustle harder at the next level!

Are you interested in dedicated speed or event-specific training for your athletic team or group? Contact us to either host or travel to your team to lead them through a speed program they are certain to benefit from. Also, be on the lookout for an event-specific clinic of interest throughout the year and join us there!

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